St Agnes

St Agnes in Cornwall is one of those little gems of a place to dive, being on the North Coast it isn’t very often the sea is calm enough to dive from the shore. Yet the abundance of marine life, ease of access across the beach to the shore line and fact that if you ask for a hot chocolate in Driftwood Spars you are in for a treat that will bring a smile to any cold divers lips.

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Some of the species to be seen in the St Agnes VMCA

Crater Sponge; Golf Ball Sponge; Orange Encrusting Sponge; Purse Sponge;

Purple Encrusting Algae;

Double Spiral Worm; Green Leaf Worm;

Kelp; Coral Weed;

Sea Mat;

Common Spiny Starfish;

Spider Crab; Edible Crab;

Snakelock Anemone;

Common Dragonnet; Pollock; Ballen Wrasse;