Strange underwater sonar image

Today a team of explorers are leaving the Swedish port of Norrtälje and are going to be getting to the bottom of a mysterious object they came across this time last year 65m down in the Baltic Sea. The radar image is unclear but theories have ranged from the millenium falcon to a plug in the bottom of the ocean. Well in another couple of days we will find out once the team have got back to the site and sent down an ROV to explore it.

Peter Lindberg's Sonar Image of anomoly on Baltic Sea


Personally I think it might be an ancient settlement of some kind, because before the 2km thick ice sheet melted that covered most of the northern hemisphere at the end of the last ice age, the sea level was about 120m lower than it is today. As the North Sea that divides the UK and Europe was a mass of open land back then called doggerland, it is not that far from the area this is located at and would likely have had some of our ancestors living there. The size of the anomoly would indicate it is an area that a small group could live in, as shown here on the comparison with a Boeing 747 from the Ocean Explorer team’s website. I am just speculating though based on evidence of other settlement areas found and studied around the world between 40m and 120m deep as it may just be a rock formation that randomly formed through deposition and erosion to create this strange anomoly that is less clear than man made anomolies on the radar images.

Comparison of Boeing 747 and anomoly size. Ocean Explorer image from


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Good luck to them, and as the world is watching we can all hope the weather holds out for them to study this anomoly.




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