Pendennis – Silver Steps Wreck Dive 29-06-2014

Pendennis is famous for its WW1 U-boat wreck dive, even though in total there are believed to be the remains of 5 U-boats along the point there is no information on which wreck is which and they are scattered amongst the gullies; some of them are so broken up they just look like parts of the reef covered in kelp. We had Paul as our guide again and Steve as our shore cover, and after a straight forward dive brief we were off.




Elli and I were both feeling a bit tired after the previous days diving but it was great to see Elli hadn’t lost her enthusiasm in looking in the smallest of nooks in the reef. It was also impressive to see her confidence in the water and she had definitely remembered her training, almost as if she had a secret mermaid hidden away inside.


Again as we were on low tide there wasn’t as much to see, but we did have a great dive with some very pretty wrasse, lots of snakelock anemones again, along with the stunning seascape with its huge variety of colours and common spiney starfish, lots of them.




Because of the amount of light at 4-5m, the further round the reef we went revealed more beautiful seascapes.


After the storms earlier this year it was great to see so much plant life back on the reef and I was even pleased to see the eggs of some busy little critter.


Elli was darting from one outcrop to the next and with Paul there her confidence was growing by the minute.


We found a few things that seemed out of place, this huge coil of rope being one of them.


Lots of these, a type of Dragonet I believe from its basic shape and colouring.



Being Sunday Elli and I had discussed going to get a roast somewhere between dives and Paul suggested his mum’s place, The Log Cabin Cafe just outside of Mylor, there was a nice area outside to relax on the grass and it had a petting zoo with geese, turkeys, a couple of young calfs and a friendly sheep.


It was a well tasty lunch, with roast pork, beef or lamb to choose from and roast tatties and veg, definitely a little find just outside Falmouth for the hungry diver. We headed over to Atlantic Scuba about 5 mins by car to get the 2 tanks filled and had to wait a bit for Mark while he came back from a boat dive.


Met a young lady who had done a photography degree and got some advice on macro for nudi hunting, this was a test shot in the housing with the macro wet lens I have, the stone was only about 2-3mm across.


It was also here that I found out my tan line was worse than it had been earlier (on a sunny day, DOH!).


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