Gyllyngvase refresher dive with Elli 28-06-2014

I had invited Elli to come to Cornwall to dive over a year ago and finally work gave her some time off, and her first dive started on Gyllyngvase beach with a refresher dive with local Instructor Paul Allaway. The weekend began for Elli when she finished work and had to board a train at Paddington, London; for me it began at 11.30PM when I picked her up from the station. I first met Elli online through Google+ and it was because of her enthusiasm and passion for marine conservation that I invited her down for a weekend of diving.

As the rescue diver for her refresher course I had to have my hands free so didn’t take my camera, it was a pleasant dive with Elli successfully completing her training after a review of the questions in the book over a cuppa at the Gylly beach cafe. Paul was gently but thoroughly making sure Elli understood the things she learnt over 2 years ago when her original training took place on the Great Barrier reef in Australia, which had been her home for 14 years (Elli is 25 btw). I was of course listening to the things they were discussing as it is never a good thing to be over confident in the things you think you know when diving. Having met Paul through Kernow Divers I knew he was a friendly chap and a comfortable person to have in a group of divers, it was impressive that he had stored so much information about diving from his instructor training and I was looking forward to the next couple of days diving, with a guided dive in the afternoon, Mevagissey again in the evening, another guided dive on Sunday morning, 2 more in the afternoon and 1 more on Monday morning; that was the plan anyway.


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