May 27, 2012

Dive sites for satnav POI’s

We will be setting up satnav POI’s (Points of Interest) using POI Editor which can be found here for dive sites we visit.

They will be downloadable as POI’s from on the overall map and you are free to share them with other divers.

Included on the downloadable POI’s will be the dive shops with air refills and kit hire and any parking for that shop.

On each location you will see an info box which you can click on the name and it will take you to that locations close up map showing the nearest car park, cafes, toilets, phone box; leading to the dive sites entry points..

The POI Editor allows us to save these in various formats for the different satnavs available and the following formats will be available to start with:

TomTom .ov2

Navman .csv

Garmin .csv

Google Earth .kml

If anyone feels we miss one they can use please let us know.

If anyone would like to join the site and include their dive locations as POI’s on our map we would be happy to talk through the simple use of POIEditor as well as ensure a standardisation is met across all dive locations.


We are doing this in good faith to share information about dive sites but if you choose not to download them from the originals stored here on we cannot be held responsible if they contain anything that could cause your satnav to fail. We hope that the diving community understand this and if they do share them, that we encourage, it is done so without tampering with the files. The files we upload will be virus scanned before we let them go live but while every effort is made to ensure they are safe for your computers and satnavs we cannot be held responsible for any tampering of the files that may occur after we have uploaded them.

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