Apr 27, 2014

Dive Sites

Went out for a jaunt today looking at possible dive sites, knew there were a couple of small quarries near by and had to start somewhere.

Quarry Dive Site Exploration Map

Can’t reveal its exact location yet but the first place I found was down a few windy lanes and I didn’t take a photo of the gate which could give it away.


The site looks large enough for a reasonable dive but it is obviously the depth, especially as there is a good layer of dead Algae and other particulate matter like most quarries. There was a lot of life at the edge of the water, tadpoles, larvae and newts but what isn’t clear is the layer of white on the bottom 18 or so inches of the overhanging trees round it but we are in Imerys country and it is most likely just dust from the china clay.

There is an easy entry point after squeezing through the gap in the hedge, could possibly be some cars in there as the ramp leads down from the road, there wasn’t any defined path around it and I didn’t try making a way through as to the left of the photo is a near vertical eroded earth bank face, and to the right more overgrown trees and scrub than any sane person would try and get through, especially with dive gear.


As can be seen on the map there is another site a short distance away between the paths to the SW, so after a jolly ramble down the hidden footpath and chatting to a local over his garden gate, where I was mauled by his 3 dogs, my hands were lucky to be intact after all the licking they did, I came across an ominous sign. This is a public footpath though so I found a way over the hedge to the right of the photo.


The state of the entrance gave a clear indication as to the state of the ‘public’ footpath that had been closed off, and to the level of pollution that will occur over time as will be seen in a moment.

I jumped over the hedge and turned to give my friend a hand up but he was raring to get up the bank so I just went through the gap to find a beautiful woodland only a few years old.


I started clambering through the thicket only to hear from behind ‘It’s this way, a path’, to which I replied ‘Maybe but my way is more fun’ and I promptly kept fighting my way through only to find the path he was walking on.


We walked into an area that looked more like a dump than a public footpath, this is where I should name the land I was on but living where I do is only one company that owns all the land round here, Imerys and the fact they have done what you are about to see is shocking.


This was probably the part that angered me the most, rusting oil drums full of… oil and they were breaking open as you can see.


Now this may have taken a long time to get like this but it is clearly something that should now be cleaned up before it gets any worse.

It didn’t end there though, heavy duty plastic pipes may take thousands of years to break down, but at the base of a watershed with all the other things lying around this is just a disgusting excuse for a company to dump things for later on their land.


The area these pipes are is where it shows a fairly large water body on the map, but it was clearly more of a pond and I couldn’t get through the hedge but could see plastic sheeting and all sorts in it.


I just hope the other oil drums around the area haven’t already leaked because Imerys need to be shamed into making sure any area they own is kept clean of rubbish, not only to stop pollution but to stop locals from thinking it is OK to dump their waste their as well.


The last one is rubber sound proofing, just thrown over the hedge and going to take an extremely long time to break down, when it does it will get carried away as small particles and will get in the food chain from the bottom feeders in the stream and further down in the river.

There were more oil drums in an old tin shed, couldn’t tell if they had anything in them and didn’t want to rock any of the drums just in case.


There was also what looked like an old oil container for a house or business


I am going to be contacting Cornwall Council over this as it is disgusting that not only no one has noticed they have closed a public right of way but also the state of it with rubbish piled everywhere. I am not going to turn my blog into a clean up your pollution and waste page, but every time I go exploring for possible dive sites if I find anything I will name and shame Imerys or who ever the land owner is because these things are just taking the piss when they are meant to be a lot more stringent on protecting the environment.

As for the first quarry as a dive site, when I get the chance to re-visit it with friends will post an update if it is worthy of looking for to get wet.

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