Jul 10, 2014

Castle Beach U-Boat Wreck Dive 29-06-2014

After such a nice lunch it was hard to get back into the water but taking Elli to see UB128, the wreck dive off of Castle beach was going to be worth it for the second dive of the day. I had forgotten to tell her we had a surface swim to the U-Boat, well how far it was as I am sure I said ‘we follow the transects till we find the wreck after a little swim’.


Funny thing about those transects though, after the storms the cafe on the beach was knocked down, leaving only foundations and they had put one of those orange plastic chicken wire type fences around them, everyone was trying to tell me we wouldn’t find the wreck with one of the transects gone but after a small swim we dropped down right on the bow.


Elli looked as though she was laughing when I signaled OK and she back as she pointed down to see this young lady right underneath me, Elli couldn’t help but wanting to pose with her.


As I was descending I saw a couple of small things move about on the floor but will get to them shortly as this was a dive to remember and there are some beautiful photos to follow at just over 5m depth.

Flounders made an appearance, this was the nicest shot, and from right at the bow as well but these still weren’t the small things hugging the sandy seabed.


From the front of the U-Boat the profile could be clearly seen heading South(ish) straight out from the beach and there were views into the skeleton frame of the U-Boat that proved an easy and interesting place to photograph, was thinking to myself how handy it would be to have a strobe but my cheap torch and holder gave just enough light to make for some interesting shots.


This poor crab looked like he had been in the wars, maybe with another crab, or maybe with the small things outside the wreck, either way it looked to be fairing well despite the injuries.


There were a few anemones hiding in and under the wreck but as most of the last dive I had here was at the stern I couldn’t help but stick my head in holes.



This critter was hiding away from all the commotion and the second tompot blenny in as many days, but I didn’t expect to see him hiding in the torpedo room (OK inside the front of the U-Boat, close enough).


After bimbling around the wreck for a while, and keeping an eye out over my shoulder for the little camouflaged critters on the sand I signaled to Elli to follow me and we both went cuttlefish (squeeee! as a friend of mine would say) watching.


They were always about 1 1/2 -2m away and I have learnt to stay still the hard way because cropping images on the Olympus doesn’t bear very good results.



I was lucky enough to get a little footage of this cuttlefish (squeeee), now this is my first underwater video and attempt with windows movie maker to put it together and it is short because I wanted to try it out before I made my feature length Cornish cuttlefish film.

Cuttlefish from Diving Junkie on Vimeo.

I signaled Elli to find out how much air she had and we bimbled around in between the weed a little longer, then when I was on 100bar pointed in the direction of the shore and off we went, we stopped to do a selfie but I forgot I had the wide angle lens on in the excitement and only got my mug in the shot.


So I span round and snapped Elli before she had a chance to blink.


We surfaced and swam the last 20 or 30m back to the shore, both excited about the things we saw and how great a dive it had been, I had learnt a lot taking some video and trying to get clear pictures inside the hull yet I had a feeling I would have a few nice pictures to share.

When we got out of the water we were both extremely tired and looking at each other decided on the spot we couldn’t do another dive today and one tomorrow morning. It was sad that the cafe wasn’t there yet after the storms knocked it down, nothing like a cuppa and chips after a dive while going through the photos.

We headed home and stopped at a major fast food outlet for dinner as it was hard keeping my eyes open, let alone cooking something. After we rinsed the kit out and hung it up we both tried to get some sleep for the next morning.


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