Sep 12, 2015

Castle Beach Falmouth 29-08-2015

First dive back in Cornwall for Elli was at Castle beach, Falmouth, this was after her long and tedious journey from London by train to St Austell where I met her on Friday night. We both crashed early on Friday and got up at silly o’clock for breakfast and to head down to Falmouth to sort out kit hire from Seaways at an amazing price for complete kit for the weekend, the kit was in excellent condition as well and Elli was so excited with the weekend diving ahead that the passion was burning in her eyes.

Elli at Castle Beach, Falmouth

It was unfortunate that the tides were out of sync with the day, highs at about 6am and pm so as you can see it was shallow at about 11.30am when we were kitting up, but sometimes the depth of the dive isn’t important, in fact in my opinion it never is, I was happy as long as Elli was happy back in the water, the last diving she had done a few months ago was in the Maldives and I was stuck here in Cornwall, no I’m not jealous Elli honest :p

It would have been good to find the U-boat again but it wasn’t important, it was a shakedown dive for Elli in her hire kit before the dive later that day which will be in the next blog post. We made our way down to the waters edge, having to avoid the tourists who pointed and told their kids we were mad scuba divers, a sad way to introduce something new to a child, but hey ho. Was a nice elderly gent who was a diver with his wife and he couldn’t believe UK waters had so much life (at high tide), oh the warm water divers have so much to learn.

Saying that though, it was low tide and I wasn’t expecting to see that much, as most divers and brainy marine biologist types know the critters follow the food, and the food follows the tides (in a simplistic way).

Castle Beach, Falmouth

After we had kitted up and done our buddy check we made our way down the easy access to the beach and down over the rocks of the first reef from the beach, then I had a play with above and below shots while waiting for Elli as we swam out over the second reef, vis didn’t look great and we had already agreed if it was too bad that we would spend a few minutes on the bottom so she could check her buoyancy and write off the dive, but what is above is not always the same down below and I’m gutted I didn’t take more shots, but making sure Elli was OK was more important on this dive.

Castle Beach Falmouth

I knew we were going to be lucky to get 5-6m at this time of day and as Elli and I looked at each other and signaled to go down I knew it was still going to be fun.

Scuba Diver

The vis wasn’t too bad considering the un-settled weather we have had again this year, about 3m or so and we carried on the dive, Falmouth is a great place to dive with so many sites near to the shops to get air-fills, it is just shallow unless you go out on the boats. As I was concentrating on Elli and making sure she was OK I didn’t get many pics, but we did have fun chasing a Hermit Crab around for a while, and we saw plenty of smaller fish, such as a young flounder about 3 inches long, a lot of smaller shoals of fish I don’t know as well as a shoal of sand eels.


Hermit Crab

Our bottom time was about 45 minutes and I had started with about 240 bar, finished with just over 170, the whole yoga/meditation breathing of 2 seconds in and 5 seconds out from the diaphragm while diving makes so much more sense than diving with more air just to keep the bottom time up, but I am definitely not the one to talk to about how to do it, I may have meditated for years on and off but have only started putting the principle into practice this year while diving and have no where near enough dives to be confident with it myself yet; there are plenty of yoga tutorials online and many experienced divers who have the technique down to a fine art that have also put something on the internet about it.

Elli was beaming when we came out, it was a great dive to get back in the water for her, and she had kit she wasn’t used to but controlled her buoyancy and breathing like a pro.

We had a cuppa while sorting our kit out by the car and headed back to Seaways for air as our next dive left the dock at 4pm and we didn’t want to be late, even though it was about 1 when we left Castle beach.

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