Jun 18, 2012

Baltic Sea Anomoly – Latest

The latest news on the Baltic sea anomoly has been released, it is not something that is man-made, or extra-terrestrial but by the first images released on the 15th June 2012 it appears to be a granite dome or Laccolith,  that would have been formed when the area surrounding the Baltic was volcanicly active. It also still has its magma pillar that would have formed beneath it when the intrusive granite cooled, creating the mushroom shape the Ocean-X Team found on their latest dive to the site. What still needs to be explained are the circles of rocks over the top of the site that (according to Linberg) have black soot in them and could possibly be small fires leading to the possibility that some time over the last 300,000 years man was using the site in some way.

Baltic Anomoly

There is a short video in the local Swedish paper that has been following the adventures of the Ocean-X Team here

When an intrusion of magma is forced at high pressures between stratified layers, the layers above buckle (or are uplifted) allowing the intrusion to form a near perfect dome, then over millions of years as the area was covered with water and Ice, the top layers are eroded away leaving what has been discovered, commonly known in the Geological world as a Lacolith.

The mystery surrounding the object has left many on the Facebook page and Ocean-X forum dumb-founded and still trying to come up with something of significant importance in their belief of the object.

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