Feb 25, 2013

About Scuba Diving with Divingjunkie.com

Scuba diving is thought of as a sport in the wider world but those of us that have experienced it know differently, you could say we have had our eyes opened to a secret the world hides from us beneath the waves and it is also why non-divers can’t get us to shut up for days after we have been. As I am based in Cornwall U.K. it is where my friends and I have started to look at dive sites, popular ones used by the clubs and schools and others of the potential 900+ other dive sites in Cornwall alone.

We are also starting by reviewing our own kit, most of which is second hand but we have a perspective of being fairly new to the world of diving and if we have wasted money and can’t get on with something we will be straight and say so. It would be great for other divers to include their input in this as well, there is a wealth of knowledge and experience with good and bad kit that can get lost or overlooked on the internet over time. We are not experts in diving but have a lifetime of experience behind us that we will bring to our reviews.

There are many communities on the internet for divers and we are not trying to be one of them, what we would like to stand out for is quality of information for dive sites and the access to them, shops, clubs and schools in the area to allow other divers to experience what we have along with the quality of service you can expect from those we have met along our own journey.

Scuba diving has had some great advances in the last few years and with the availability of new technologies aimed more to the general market, we will endeavour to keep you updated in the Scuba News section; but as an environmental scientist I will also be bringing other areas of news to you surrounding the state of our oceans and coastlines and the creatures that inhabit them. Soon I will be joining the Seasearch project and will be using that information for dive sites so you get an idea of what to expect when you visit them.

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