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Ideations DiveAlert Product Recall

Ideations has announced a recall in the US of 3 of the Divealert and Divealert Plus range that were on sale from July 2009 to May 2013. The 3 models that have been recalled are the DA2, DP2 and DV2. The device is attached to the Buoyancy Control Device (BCD) or octopus by a chrome plated brass coupling and is used to as an emergency signal on the surface, or to attract other divers attention down below.

Only the Divealert devices with no stamped writing on the collar are in the recall and you should stop using them immediately and contact your authorised Divealert dealer and they will replace the female coupling that is defective with a new one.

As is the same with many of the recalls, such as Miflex hoses, this may only be in the US at the moment but it is still worth asking your dealer, and if they won’t repair it outside of the US then the best advice is to stop using it, if it is less than 12 months old it is worth asking for a full refund because the device is not fit for purpose as you are legally entitled to under UK and EU law.

The 3 devices are:

Divealert DA2 – Black with an orange button

Ideation Divealert DA2

Divealert DP2 – Black with a grey nob and red button and has Divealert PLUS stamped on it.

Ideation Divealert Plus DV2

Divealert DV2 – Black and red

Ideation Divealert DV2

If you have any queries for the country you are in outside of the US, first try your authorised dealer, then try Ideations here, then try your local Government Trading Standards and Health and Safety departments. If they have a defective part and been sold anywhere they should legally be replaced now the manufacturer is aware of the fault, and as it is potentially life threatening for us scuba divers to have any fault with our gear, any sensible shop, or government official will do the right thing.

Underwater Camera Housing Leak Detector

Universal Underwater Camera Housing Leak Detector.

One of the things missing from my Olympus PT-EP06L housing and the Olympus extras was a leak detector so I started looking on the internet like you do, at first I was taken to the more popular sites such as Cameras Underwater, Bristol Cameras and the like and was shocked to see the price of an underwater camera housing leak detector to be up in the £70-£100 range. Knowing these things wouldn’t be that difficult to make I thought I would look to see if any kits were available from Maplins and found something that would do the job was less than £5 for the water alarm kit and would need a 9v battery that I didn’t have room for inside the housing, as well as some modification, yet I would also have to buy a soldering iron, solder and the like.

Then I stumbled across a site called based in Australia, where a young man called Jeff had made a universal detector with a flashing led and had taken the time to sort out how it would fit into almost any housing, I ordered one from him with an easy PayPal payment that worked out at less than £25 (US$36) including postage and waited for it to be delivered.

It arrived 2 days ago, had to sign for it and was shocked as I opened it and realised what it was as I wasn’t expecting it for another couple of weeks but it arrived in 14 days, RESULT!. I took the kit out and had a look at the bundle of goodies, Jeff had been in communication to let me know he had posted it 14 days earlier and gave me the link to the instructions on how to fit it in my housing and his response to an email I sent him was waiting for me the next morning here in the UK, talk about great customer service for something so small, could teach a few companies I won’t name a thing or two.

What’s in the Kit.

Underwater Camera Housing Leak Detector

Fitting the Universal Underwater Camera Housing Leak Detector.

It really is simple enough using the included parts, from the 3 pieces of blue tack to the velcro on the back of the unit itself. Below are the 3 photos from the installation as I followed Jeff’s instructions, which I won’t give away but can be found on his site anyway.

Underwater Camera Housing Leak Detector_2

Underwater Camera Housing Leak Detector_3

Underwater Camera Housing Leak Detector_4

The obvious thing is to make sure the blue tack and the led do not press against the door as he explains in the instructions, the last thing you would want is for the leak detector to cause a leak and with very careful positioning and a bit of molding over the wire it fitted perfectly. I then put my cut to size women’s pad back in place over the detector as you can see in the last photo, and then cleaned the gutters out from the mess it creates when I pull it out but it is worth it. Showing what you will see if you get a flood is the animation below with it in an Ikelite housing, I did test it by licking my finger and placing it across the sensor and it lit up like a Christmas tree on steroids.


This is a product I am more than happy with, it was easy to fit, reasonably priced if you don’t want to go through the hassle of making one yourself when you have to buy all the kit to do it, and Jeff is one of the nicest blokes you could wish to deal with competing globally against the larger companies; making a product that is clearly more adaptable as he makes it to fit in Ikelite, standard Canon, Patima, Nexus and other housings, if he hasn’t tried one yet I am sure he would give it a go.

All round this is something that is worth every penny to help protect your camera in its underwater housing so drop Jeff a line and be warned instead of losing your camera to a housing flood.