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ScubaFest 2013

The weekend is well underway at Scubafest 2013, many of the divers will be out right now enjoying the calm seas the South Coast of Cornwall has to offer. Yesterday while the divers were out setting up the stands were getting ready and they had Scuba Steve pointing the way.

Scubafest 2013 Scuba Steve pointing the way

The local dive club, Kernow Divers were out in force with Atlantic Scuba in their stand at the top of the field, the place to go if anyone needed to book a boat dive and well sheltered next to the fence from the gusty wind.  It was also a great spot as the view over the bay was astounding, eventually when the sun popped out and the rain stopped with a perfectly inviting flat sea for divers to get wet thinking about.

Scubafest 2013 Atlantic Scuba and Kernow Divers Stand

Scubafest 2013 Suunto tent

Suunto have the best stand, their yurt had so many comfortable places to sit it was more like a divers heaven after sitting in wet gear on a hard seat on a boat half the day. The most popular stand was Fourth Element because they had free hot chocolate and a couple of great reps who were smiling all day dealing with the longest queues.

Scubafest 2013 Fourth Element Stand

Scuabfest 2013 Fourth Element hot chocolate stand

When I was helping it was a bit empty as all the divers were out enjoying what Cornwall has to offer under the sea, as the day went on the sea stayed calm and then the rain cleared up so the sun could pop its head out and with the divers all coming back with big grins on their faces it is another year of success for the team hosting the event. Was a shame I didn’t get time to pop down Saturday night, but I did get a dive in for the Scubafest weekend with Kernow divers on our club boat ‘The Trout’. I hope all that attended had a great time and were able to see plenty of marine life and didn’t party too hard into the night.