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Feb 24, 2013

Guest Post Rules

Guest posting rules

It is simple, anything which is illegal in the UK, US, Europe and anywhere else on planet earth is not allowed and will be removed. Anything which is in bad taste to the main content of the site will be removed, such as porn, racism, threatening behaviour and the like and this kind of posting will also get you removed from the site with no warning. There will be no second chances because is not there for vendettas or to share anything other than dive kit and dive site information. If you wish to contribute  a guest post contact me first at and I will upgrade your account so you can, and then will moderate to insure content does not break the guest post rules.

If your account is attached to spam about the latest pills on the market, or a deal on watches or anything like then your account will be removed and the post deleted.

When setting up the Google map for a dive site it is only things related to diving that are to be included, once done and reviewed I will then include the dive site location on the POI map for satnavs and mobiles so I know the new file to be used and shared to divers will not be tampered with in any way, yet I am not responsible if anything happens to your device after installing the POI map for your location because I do not host the files directly from my PC, they are instead on my site’s host servers and I have no control after I have uploaded them.

Feb 24, 2013

Dive kit I use


At the moment I (SpongebobPhil) have the following dive kit that is mostly second hand and I will be writing a review on each as I find the time.


  • Dive Computer and Compass:
  • Uwatec Smart COM
  • Regulators:
  • Aqua Lung Titan LX Supreme
  • Aqua Lung Titan LX Octopus
  • Cressi MC9 Ellipse Balanced
  • Ellipse Octopus
  • Oceanic SP5 1st Stage Alpha 8 2nd Stage
  • Fins:
  • Aqua Lung Slingshot L
  • Oceanic Viper Size 9
  • Wetsuits:
  • Full length 7mm Bodyglove Thermolator Titanium
  • 2 Piece 7mm Beaver Icelandic Semi Dry
  • 2 piece 5mm Cressi Medas
  • Full length Xcel 5/4
  • Hood:
  • 7mm Bodyglove
  • Boots:
  • Oceanic Oceanpro 5mm
  • Typhoon Titanium 5mm
  • Gloves:
  • Mares 2mm Reef gloves
  • G Skins Legend 2.5mm
  • Rash Vests:
  • Blue Rush UV
  • Gul Hooded Thermal 2mm
  • Knife:
  • Tusa X-pert
  • Bag:
  • Beaver Dive Bag (approx 100 litres)
  • Camera, housing and accessories:
  • Olympus PEN Mini EPM-1
  • Olympus PT-EP06L
  • Epoque Wide Angle Wet Lens
  • Epoque Macro Wet Lens
  • Cylinder:
  • 232 bar 12l Faber
  • Reel and SMB:
  • Best Divers Aluminium Safety Reel Small
  • Large Grey Wreck/SMB Reel
  • Beaver Medium Wreck/SMB Reel
  • Beaver Yellow Emergency Weighted SMB
  • Beauchat SMB